About Us

Welcome to my site. I have been a commercial photographer for 25+ years in Manchester, NH where my studio is located. We can also come to your location as we have the equipment to set up anywhere. Here is a rough idea of how our system works:

Commercial photography consists of 3 parts, Labor, post production or computer work, and image usage or copyright release. Labor is the time it takes to travel to the site, unload, setup, shoot, breakdown and pack and and once I know the location, subject matter, and number of shots required I can provide you with a quote. Post Production is the computer time it takes to download the files, create folders, convert RAW files to Tiffs and/or J-pegs, color correct, re-size, retouch, and burn the files to a CD or DVD to be ready for web or brochure. This fee is rolled into image usage. If we are just burning files and you are doing all the post production work then our involvement in post production can sometimes be as little as one hour and will be charged accordingly. Lastly, Image usage. Anything created by an artist, inventor, etc… is copyright protected. We will give you a full copyright release to all images to use however and whenever you wish. Fees per image can be as low as $35 up to $200 depending on local or worldwide usage, extensive retouching, and how many images are purchased.  Public relations photography is approached differently and is priced as a flat rate for all the images burned to a CD. We also do on location Business Portraits by using your environment or setting up a portable studio. Please give us a call at 603-622-2738 or e-mail us at john@studioonenh.com for more precise information. Thank you again for stopping by. John Gauvin